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New Yorkers know better than anyone that life doesn’t wait for you to feel better!

Extended-wear ear acupuncture has been used increasingly over the last 25 years, in war & disaster zones (think: “battlefield acupuncture” and “acupuncturists without borders”), to treat trauma and relieve pain. Now you can get the same proven relief at BMA with Peace Points!

In a 15 minute session, 5 micro darts are placed at Peace Points in your ear by a licensed acupuncturist. Peace Points are strategic locations in your ears that encourage your body’s natural release of pain relieving endorphins, inflammation reducing cytokines and uplifting serotonin!

Through the use of sterile, single-use, semi-permanent micro darts (in gold & stainless steel), you can get the time-tested pain & stress relief benefits of acupuncture, to-go!


Pain Relief Acupuncture, To-Go.

  1. Come in.

  2. Get your Points…

  3. Feel better!