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After each acupuncture session I do a little body work on each patient. A little foot, head, neck, shoulders, legs or back massage. I’ve always used liniment (a medicinally infused oil) during that part of the treatment - usually a product called Po Sum On, which I really like and my patients love because of it’s relaxing and tingly effects. Until I found CBD Clinic’s Cannabidiol infused analgesic/pain relief ointments and creams. Hands down the best line of pain relief topicals I have found- they have changed my life! As a bodyworker I work with my hands and as a small business owner with social media accounts I go through periods of being hopelessly glued to my cellphone - long story short, I use my hands A LOT and at the end of a long day, they hurt. But not anymore! CBD clinic has 5 levels of different pain relief balms that work! Ranging from the gentle and light odor free level one that works for skin or facial pain to the big kahuna level 5 Pro Sport that works from athletic injuries and severe arthritis alike these products work better than anything I’ve seen. Of course I’d love it if you come to BMA to get a treatment but if you just want the CBD cream we’ll just sell you the CBD cream because we believe in it that much ✌🏾💛 #cbd #cannabidiol #analgesic #painrelief #kneepain #neckpain #backpain #chronicpain #arthritis #acutecare #headaches #marijuana #hemp #cbdclinic

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