Goop and other expensive self-care lies we buy into.


I’ve read and re-read the NY Times article about Gwenyth Paltrow’s massive wellness products company. The author does a great job of representing the internal conflicts she experiences while investigating the history and mission of Goop, interviewing GP and attending her health summit. 

I’m a passionate advocate of the importance of body awareness and taking care of yourself. I sometimes recommend supplements and healthcare products to my patients but reading The NY Times article made me feel unsettled. 

It’s not only patients that fall into the trap of self care consumerism but also healthcare providers. We OD on workshops, spending all our extra time and money on coaching, cleansing, networking and learning new techniques instead of using our downtime to restore ourselves and listen and learn from our patients. 

Has self-care become synonymous with buying stuff? Are we as a culture forgetting that caring can be free or inexpensive? Acts like stretching daily, taking a vitamin, listening to our bodies, asking for help from our friends and loved ones and nourishing ourselves simply don’t have to cost a lot of money.