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Acupuncture needles are not the only thing that moves qi, shifts energy or transforms your emotions. We all know that sometimes getting a hug or listening to the right song can shift your mood from cloudy to sunny or at the very least to calm. Acupuncture can have that effect too because our emotions live in our bodies. If you’re feeling irritable, unmotivated, stressed or sad an acupuncture treatment can help shift those emotions, help you find clarity and get you on a more productive path. One thing I’ve noticed though is many folks have problems expressing anger or displeasure to their friends, colleagues and loved ones. Folks want to be seen as “nice” or “a team player”, but if something’s bothering you and you don’t talk about it it doesn’t just go away, often that anger turns inward and starts to eat at you, you’ll feel more stressed, lethargic and withdrawn. You might even start clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, or suppressing your breathing in an attempt to hold it all in. Anger’s an indication that something needs to change and when expressed tactfully and clearly in the moment it can go a long way towards deepening our relationships and improving productivity. So unless you want to end up in my office with chronic tension and fatigue, start telling people what your sensitivities are. When you’re feeling angry, get clear on what it’s about and do something about it, or when someone’s irritating you talk to them about it and set boundaries around your time and energy. You’ll feel a lot better and you will most likely become closer to the people in your life that you care about because they will know how you really feel and how to treat you well. If you have trouble unwinding the root of your anger come in for acupuncture, we are great at untying knots and making breakthroughs. #acupunctureworks #transformingemotions #feelings #anger #angermanagement #depression #anxiety #office #officedrama #relationshipgoals #relationshipproblems #communication #communicationiskey

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