Spring is for Anger

I love this Ask Polly answer: https://www.thecut.com/2018/05/ask-polly-im-angry-at-my-boyfriend-for-moving-away.html


Spring is the season of irritation and anger. It’s the season of messes, do-overs and powering through. Spring is for dreaming and deciding. Spring is a tough changeable season, warm and comfortable one moment and raining hail the next. But it can teach us a lot. How do you weather the storm? How do you stay vital and motivated? What makes you show up for real? Anger can often be associated with pain and negativity but it’s often a sign that cha change is needed. What changes can you make to feel better daily? Change your perspective, speak up, try new routines, is it the people around you, the foods you eat, your sleep schedule...when we are angry it often can be tempting to blame others, but a better question might be, where do we have power?